Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Metallica! \w/

     For some people, the word "Metallic" may invoke images of long haired musicians, loud guitars, bright lights and screaming fans. But when I talk metallic, I want to talk about Metallic paint!

     Since I am a Benjamin Moore girl, my experience is primarily with Benjamin Moore's metallic paint. It's actually more of a glaze than a paint, so you need to know that it doesn't roll on like a solid paint. You'll need to first paint a base coat of a color closest to the metallic color you choose, preferable with a little sheen, like a pearl finish, and then the metallic glaze needs to be applied as a faux finish.

 Benjamin Moore's metallics come in quite a few different colors.


      I worked for years as a faux finisher, but didn't get to use the metallics much in the '90s. I did use it sparingly in my own dining room and loved how it subtly picked up the light.
 (I actually used my Dining Room several times as a testing ground for new techniques!)


    Even now in 2012, metallics are not for the faint of heart! You have to be quite the risk taker to use them. But I'd like to share a few ideas with you today that may change your mind.

     Dining rooms are perfect places to play with dramatic color schemes or metallics on the walls. I love them on the ceiling to draw your eyes up to the chandelier to give a little "Wow factor."

Tray and vaulted ceilings are another place I like to play with either color or metallics to show off the architecture and bring your eyes up.
Metallics reflect the light, and can help brighten up areas that would otherwise be quite dark, like an entry foyer or dark hallway. 

They can also be used on the walls. Powder rooms are always a room where I'm willing to take a risk and either go really dark, or use wallpaper or metallics.
    Remember that they don't go on like a solid paint, so it will need to be applied as a faux finish. The way to get the most subtle texture is to choose a base coat color as close to the metallic color as possible. Here they have used what appears to be a metallic that resembles an oil-rubbed bronze, and have a brown base coat underneath.
Another way to use metallic glaze is with stencils. Here a copper colored metallic is used with a stencil over a deep purple paint.


Speaking of stencils, here are some fabulous ideas I have found on Pinterest.
(go to my Pinterest page to find the original links)

What's great about this idea is it gives you the look of wallpaper, without the hassle of application and removal! When you're tired of it, just prime and paint right over it!
If you're too afraid to try your own hand at using metallic glazes, you can always hire a professional faux finisher.
This is one of my favorites I have found so far, a subtle, pearl colored metallic used with a large, oversized, modern stencil.
So what do you think? Are you ready to think about adding a little touch of metal to your life?
I say.....ROCK ON!!! \w/




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