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Pinks That Will Make You Blush.

This week I had two verydifferent clients who both painted their rooms the same color. One room was a nursery for a baby girl, and the other room was an office for an adult woman. They both wanted to paint their rooms a soft, blushy pink, but they had no idea how to achieve the color they were looking for. So they called the Paint Diva to save the day. (That would be me. :)

They both wanted a soft pink, which, in the past  I have referred to as either a "blushy pink" or a "Ballet pink".

 Most recently this color has come to be known as "Millenial Pink".  Knowing what to call it isn't the hard part, knowing how to achieve it is.

I had to give both clients a color lesson. So for today's blog,  we'll talk about pink and I will share the Millienial Pink color lesson with you.

For the first house it was pretty easy. The baby had a closet full of tiny little dresses in a whole array of pink shades. I pulled out a blush pink dress, and a very pink dress. 


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